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Dry Cleaning & Laundry Made Easy

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Notting Hill's dry cleaners

Heritage Dry Cleaners provide top quality dry cleaning in Notting Hill. Our qualified staff inspect each garment and pre-spot the blemishes as a first step in the washing process. We use superior stain removal chemicals to get rid of stains. Different stains need different treatments, which our specialist laundry service in Notting Hill takes great care over. We dry-clean subtle garments such as curtains, designer Indian wear and wedding dresses. We use hydro carbon liquid which is much softer and forgiving than perchloroethylene (which is the Industry Standard) and gives a tender clean and keeps your clothes fresh and looking like new.
-Specialised Shirt Service Dissimilar from most Notting Hill dry cleaners, we hand finish your shirts to acquire the best results and we can package and get them ready for a trip. Heritage Dry Cleaners offers a top quality Linen facility. Our Linen Roller provides a crisp quality sheet. Your garments are delivered to you in a ready to wear state and your bedding ready to utilise on your bed. Our dry cleaning delivery in Wandsworth is famed for its efficiency and reliability.
-Bridal Wear The day you get married is regarded as the most special day in your life and your wedding outfit is sure to have emotional values for numerous years to come. We take pride in helping you to reserve your exceptional memories. -Suedes and Leathers We provide dedicated cleaning service for Suedes and Leathers. We have Suede and Leather items washed on sit by some of the topmost leather experts in Notting Hill.  

Rui Da Cruz, Mar 25, 2019

Exceptional service. Very well priced and I was kept in the loop the whole time they had my item. Extremely on time, with very friendly staff. Deserve more than 5 stars, we will definitely use again!

Jordan Franklin, Mar 22, 2019

Very co-operative staff, My laundry delivered on time every week. Quality service and prices are reasonable. Highly appreciated. Thank you

Niddy King, Mar 20, 2019

I am a busy man , I work Mondays to Fridays long hours In my office so I don’t have time to do my laundry. Weekly I normally give my suits shirts and bedding I have been using many company’s out there and always got let down half the time with clothes coming back late or dirty. Not cleaned properly!!! Then I came across these guys and I am very glad I did. These guys are amazing , rapid response , clothes get picked up on time and dropped back on time. Clothes come back nice and clean. Very impressed, prices are great and the staff are very friendly and know what they are doing. These guys are better then the others out there!!! Very impressed. 100% recommended.

Hamna Yusaf, Mar 20, 2019

Def recommend. Friendly staff excellent service and very reasonable price. Will be coming in more often!