Laundry Service Near Me

Laundry Service Near Me

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Doing laundry, a common household activity for years, has never been an easy task. Washing clothes at home sometimes takes toll on individuals as some stains are so rigid that cleaning them at home is next to impossible. This is where UK Heritage Dry Cleaners come at your service as we provide professional and best quality dry cleaning service across UK. 

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Laundry Service Near Me
Laundry Service Near Me

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Being the best local dry cleaners across South London, we at Heritage Dry Cleaners completely take care of your favourite and delicate cloths. Being recognized as the full-service clothing care specialists since 20 years, we help people look classy and presentable with their tidy and well turned-out cloths at their own convenience. Our decades of experience in dry cleaning and laundry industry help us to work more efficiently, professionally and proficiently.  Our professionals have encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion, fabrics, stain removal and latest cleaning technologies which results in quality and timely work, excellent customer service as per customers’ convenience.

Dry cleaning pros at Heritage Dry Cleaners, the nearest dry cleaner across your area, carefully inspect the fabric and type of stained spots on your clothing before initiating the dry cleaning process. We use modern dry cleaning equipment that utilise specific amount of solvents and detergents for washing clothes which provides quality results along with maximum efficiency. The washed or dry cleaned clothes are then steamed or ironed and are ready for delivery at your doorstep.

In order to get the best results, it is important to employ right process of washing on the right garment material and our experienced launderers have a handle on the same which results in following benefits such as effective removal of oil stains and grease, zero distortion of fabric, minimalize discoloration, texture protection which also upholds originality of the material. What makes us best dry cleaners across London is our simple and precise dry cleaning process which kicks off with tagging & inspection and trails with pre-treatment, dry-cleaning, post-spotting and ends up with pressing, folding, packaging and other finishing touches.