Dry Cleaning Services in Wimbledon

Dry Cleaning Services in Wimbledon

We provide free collection & delivery, our professional staff at your service & quality service, 15 hours a day 7 days per week

Laundry & Other Services in Wimbledon

We’re Heritage Dry Cleaners and have been well-known for 20 years. We provide superior laundry and dry cleaning services in Wimbledon at sensible prices, together with an outstanding (reliable) collection and distribution service to South London and to the nearby areas. We offer the suitability of having clothes skilfully or laundered dry cleaned with great value for money. Our Wimbledon dry cleaners services comprise:

-Same day service.
-4 hour dry cleaning.
-Fast shirt wash, dry press and hang.
-Dry Cleaning for your subtle or high value items like wedding dresses, silk suits, and suits.
-Alteration and repair, Curtain cleaning service.
-Bed linen laundry and Clothes service wash.
-Dry Cleaning leather outfits like suede and sheepskin.
-Garment repairs, alteration and tailoring.

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Dry Cleaning Services in Wimbledon
Dry Cleaning Services in Wimbledon

People of Wimbledon, Your Satisfaction is Our Promise!

We provide collection and dry cleaning service, book your collection online and we’ll pick your laundry from your doorstep. Once it’s finished, our famous dry cleaning delivery service in Wimbledon will bring it right to your doorstep. How appropriate is that? The good news is that it’s up to you to tell us where and when to pick your laundry from. So if you would like us to pick it up from your home or office, we will always do so as long as it’s convenient for you.