Dry Cleaning Services in Waterloo

Dry Cleaning Services in Waterloo

We provide free collection & delivery, our professional staff at your service & quality service, 15 hours a day 7 days per week

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For over 20 years, Heritage Dry Cleaners in Waterloo have provided fully hand-finished laundry, dry cleaning, shirt service, tailor alterations and repairs for people who want to keep their fine clothes and furnishings in awesome condition. Heritage Dry Cleaners is the best Waterloo dry cleaning service that hand-finishes all materials at a reasonable cost - because it is the details that’re important.

Heritage Dry Cleaners have a comprehensive laundry service in Waterloo, and the whole lot is hand-finished, so you can be sure that all your linens will get to you in pristine condition, available for use.
Entrust your bedding linens, table, duvets and other domestic linen to us - we pre-spot all laundry to eliminate even the toughest grease and red wine stains, wash them with visual brighteners and finish them with roller/iron process so they come back crisp, polished, and new.

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Dry Cleaning Services in Waterloo
Dry Cleaning Services in Waterloo

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We pre-spot materials before they go inside the machine, so even those delicate stains come out. We spot them again after they have been through the cleaning procedure, and if needed, we will run them again, so they are nothing less than unspoiled when they are taken to you.

Do you have a full-on schedule? When you do not have the time, we can get across to you. Heritage Dry Cleaners are professionals that can collect and convey your laundry from your door or to our office.
Heritage Dry Cleaners comprehend that you have a tight schedule, so we’re here to make your life stress-free with our dry cleaning collection and delivery service around Waterloo. If you would love to find out about our collection services, do get in touch with us