Dry Cleaning Services in Wandsworth

Dry Cleaning Services in Wandsworth

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At Heritage Dry Cleaners, we pride ourselves on our first-class dry cleaning service in Wandsworth. We use cutting-edge machinery, the newest cleaning products, and cautiously hand finish each one of your garments for that specialised touch.

Before we dry clean your clothes, we check for tears, stains, or missing buttons. If we find any substantial stain, we will put them through an exceptional stain removal process before dry cleaning to ensure that you get flawless results. Your clothes are then cautiously placed into one of our cutting-edge machines and cleaned with solvents that’re as gentle on your clothes as they are to the environs.

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Dry Cleaning Services in Wandsworth
Dry Cleaning Services in Wandsworth

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Your items will then be cautiously pressed, either hung or folded and packaged for delivery or collection. When you are pressed for time it's easier to have your laundry, linen and clothes expertly hard-pressed by us. Instead of allowing that ironing pile to build up, permit us take care of it with our effective and fast ironing service. After your big day, you might want to keep your dress as a memorial or as an inheritance to pass down. 

At Heritage Dry Cleaners of Wandsworth, we know how distinctive your wedding dress is, which is why we offer you an extraordinary wedding dress service to ensure it keeps its sparkle. By means of our state-of-the-art Wandsworth laundry service, the equipment at Heritage Dry Cleaners allows us to clean your sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers to a standard that domestic washing machines can't. All our services can be carried out through our amazing dry cleaning Wandsworth
 delivery service and collection option to fit in with your busy lifestyle.