Dry Cleaning Services in Chelsea

Dry Cleaning Services in Chelsea

We provide free collection & delivery, our professional staff at your service & quality service, 15 hours a day 7 days per week

Laundry & Other Services in Chelsea

Heritage Dry Cleaners in Chelsea clean garments and partake in specialist Dry Cleaning. We also clean beads, garments and sequins.
All work that we undertake is reviewed thoroughly at our plant with specific emphasis on ‘Spotting’ checks to eliminate stains without any risk of damage, thorough cleaning in environmentally friendly machinery, hand finishing and pressing and a final examination before your wears are packed for dry cleaning delivery in Chelsea.

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Dry Cleaning Services in Chelsea
Dry Cleaning Services in Chelsea

People of Chelsea, Your Satisfaction is Our Promise!

Our professional service means just that. We take pride in our professional service for all those garments needing that added level of care. We ensure Beads, Silks, Prints, sequins, etc., receive our paramount attention. We undertake numerous types of repairs and alterations as part of our dry cleaning and Chelsea laundry service, like:

Re-sizing coats/jackets, invisible zips, new zips, trousers shorten/lengthen, waist adjustments, turn ups, sleeves shorten/lengthen, pockets, dress lengthen/shorten, patches, hand stitched hems buttons moved/replaced, tapering, width adjustments, curtain shortening and much more.
Minor Repairs to open seams, loose hems, missing buttons, loose buttons, etc. will be done for free.
Alterations are embarked upon by an experienced experts. 

Cleaning care – We have various special delicate cleaning programs specifically intended for curtains. These programs have abridged mechanical action and lower temperatures to reduce the stress on threads, linings, rim and weights. Heritage Dry Cleaners services comprise a cleaning package specifically personalised for wedding gowns. As well as giving our faithful customers a complete service package for every laundry and dry cleaning need in Chelsea, we also provide a magnificent swift delivery service at your suitability.