Dry Cleaning Services in Brixton

Dry Cleaning Services in Brixton

We provide free collection & delivery, our professional staff at your service & quality service, 15 hours a day 7 days per week

Laundry & Other Services in Brixton

Heritage Dry Cleaners in Brixton are a contemporary company providing high quality, professional, dry and wet cleaning for about any item you need – from designer handbags and boots to curtains and wedding dresses, and everyday laundry. You can have faith in our 20 years of experience in providing Laundry and Dry Cleaning services in Brixton. 

Over the years, we have established the experience and knowledge to cope with some fabrics and most washing and dry cleaning situations. 

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Dry Cleaning Services in Brixton
Dry Cleaning Services in Brixton

People of Brixton, Your Satisfaction is Our Promise!

Want your curtains lined, cleaned and hung? No problem; 
A pair of jeans reduced, collected and conveyed to your home? Sure; 
An heir loom such as a family bridal gown cleaned and altered before your special day? Every time. 

We even run an effective and super-efficient dry cleaning delivery service in Brixton for all our customers.

Need a badly worn or torn item mended or an alteration made to a garment to make it fit or be stylish again? We employ proficient tailors and seamstresses to alter and repair your clothing item expertly and quickly. Or perhaps you need clothing made from scratch? Our team can make a new item as well.

We are also qualified in handling delicate material like fur and silk and knit wear or modern deeply coloured items. We also wash and dry clean household items. Our laundry and dry cleaning services in Brixton extend into the home environment. This means we can cater for your curtains, upholstery, throws and rugs too.