Dry Cleaning Services in Angel

Dry Cleaning Services in Angel

We provide free collection & delivery, our professional staff at your service & quality service, 15 hours a day 7 days per week

Laundry & Other Services in Angel

On top of Heritage Dry Cleaners finest dry cleaning service in Angel, we also provide a wide range of other value services including repairs and alterations, carpet cleaning, leather and suede cleaning, shirt ironing and duvet cleaning alongside a host of others.
The Laundry and Dry Cleaning work we take on at Heritage Dry Cleaners from Angel is among the highest quality. We do not believe in giving our work out, we follow old-fashioned valves by certifying our clients items are cleaned in-house at our Angel branch.

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Dry Cleaning Services in Angel
Dry Cleaning Services in Angel

People of Angel, Your Satisfaction is Our Promise!

With our customers’ satisfaction as our key objective, we believe it’s our duty to certify that our customers get the best value cleaning with an odourless, non-toxic, silicone-based clear liquid which is less abrasive, and more gentle on all sorts of fabrics. It has also been established to help protect against shrinkage, wear, and colour fade. Our Angel laundry service is simply second to none!

All the work we take on is of the highest quality and we examine every garment that come through our doors – beforehand, during and once cleaning is done. Any stains on your apparels will be taken out without risk of damage, cleaned methodically in eco-friendly machinery, hand finished, pressed and given a closing check before being arranged for delivery through our fantastic online dry cleaning delivery in Angel.